Staycation with Family at Porcelain Hotel for a Memorable Experience

 Porcelain Hotel provides many room options for you to use with your family. Because of the many choices, you may be confused or unable to determine the best choice. Therefore, we have prepared vacation tips that make you and your family feel comfortable.

Get to Know All Facilities in Superior Room

Why do you better choose the superior room with twin beds? Because of the facilities. They are complete and consist of LED TV, as well as a minibar and hairdryer. In each room, the same facilities will meet your needs with your family.

In addition, twin beds or mattresses that a family can occupy for two people at once will make resting time more enjoyable. The bathroom is more spacious, complete with toiletries and a warm shower.

Decide Vacation Destinations

When you are on vacation alone, you are freer to travel anywhere. Choosing the type of room and adjusting the budget becomes easier. So the difference is quite noticeable when on vacation with family.

The receptionist who always stays at the hotel will help you visit several destinations. For example, this hotel is only 0.09 km from MRT Station which makes it more strategic, and also close to the Chinatown Heritage Center.

What can you do while visiting the Chinatown Heritage Center? So, this place is an ethnographic museum in Singapore. There are lots of typical Singaporean souvenirs found on Pagoda Street.

You can learn a lot with your family about Singaporean civilization and how the migration of Sinkeh started. This newcomer who influences the Hokkien dialect is very popular in Singapore.

Check about the Hotel Services

Paying attention to hotel services is also very important, you know. You shouldn't miss it. What if the service is incomplete and unable to meet the needs of the family? However, there is no need to worry because Porcelain Hotel as a staycation place can satisfy your needs.

Other activities available at this hotel include a garden, massage services, and a spa. Of course, the family can take advantage of these services, right? As long as there are facilities available at the hotel, you don't need to travel to other destinations or places.

Choice the Hotel Activities

So, what activities can you do if you decide to stay here? Starting from activities for children to doing business can run easily. Starting from the room for business, even the hotel also provides photocopying services.

Meeting rooms for holding meetings and a safe so you can store your belongings will meet your needs. You can also use the beautiful gardens and environment around the hotel area for refreshing, to take a leisurely walk.

Get to Know about the Easy Transportation

Transportation is something that you should pay attention to. Especially since this hotel also provides an airport shuttle service. The location is also close to the MRT for transportation to destinations around the hotel.

After following some of these staycation tips, your vacation needs with your family are guaranteed to be fulfilled. Just order tickets now and get attractive promos at certain times from Porcelain Hotel.

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